About Us

Qual-Pro Adjusting is an expert insurance claims processing services where we assist clients filing an insurance claim from start to finish in the State of Florida and the State of Louisiana.

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a licensed professional that works for YOU, the insured, and NEVER for the insurance company. A public adjuster is hired to help settle the insurance claim for up to 20 percent of the insurance settlement for his or her services.

Why Hire  Public Adjuster?

A homeowner has nothing to lose if they chose to get a professional opinion for a loss that has occurred. Most often, a homeowner estimates the value of the loss far below  what it should be valued. As a result, most homeowners never receive the necessary funds to repair the property.  Public Adjusters are professionals that will fact the cost of the repair that a policyholder would not be aware or might simply forget.

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How Much Does a Public Adjuster Charge?

Many Public Adjusters do no charge a fees for the initial consultation and visit to the damaged property. However, once you hire a public adjuster to assist you with your claim the fee can cannot exceed the State limit for which the public adjuster can charge. For example, in the State of Florida the normal fee cannot exceed 20% , while in the event of a named state if emergency, the fee limit is at 10%.